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Floor type automatic strapping machine OB-360A
Classification: Drawstring machine
Product Introduction
Characteristics of automatic strapping machine
The strapping machine provides solutions for cost saving and manpower saving in many industries around the world. It is widely used in mass production of packaging assembly line operation, with high efficiency. It uses light to automatically detect products and imported components to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the machine. The scope of application: electronics, home appliances, toys, food, beverage, daily chemical industry, books and periodicals, printing products, literature With, medical treatment, medicine, textile clothing, hardware, building materials, home, logistics and e-commerce and so on.

Machine characteristics

It adopts hot-melt bonding mode, controlled by microelectronic circuit, with reliable performance
Intelligent PCB controller, photoelectric switch induction control
With manual and full-automatic working mode, it can operate freely
Adjustable binding force and band size to meet different needs
Various binding forms: single, double, cross, etc., easy to operate

ModelFloor type automatic strapping machine OP360A
Packaging speed25 bags / minute
Bow sizeW470*H206MM
Power SupplyV220./50HZ
Power consumption80W
Binding force5-40N
Machine sizeL642*W354*H1076mm

Label: Floor OB-360A automatic
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