Service Tenet
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  • Service purpose and concept
    1、Service tenet
    Make excellent products, provide considerate service, create brand with service, drive marketing with service, be responsible for every product and every customer。
    2、Service Idea
    Rapid market response, convenient business process and comprehensive after-sales service。
  • Service Mode
    【1】Telephone Support
    Technical personnel provide customers with project consultation, fault diagnosis and other guiding technical services in the form of service hotline. No matter in this city or remotely, they can reply immediately to achieve customer satisfaction。
    【2】Site Support
    When the telephone support cannot solve the problem, or when the customer requires direct on-site service, the company will assign experienced professional and technical personnel to the site for service。
    【3】Depot Repair
    When neither telephone nor on-site support can solve the problem, the customer has no special requirements and returns to the nearest maintenance point of the company for maintenance。
After sales service process

Customer repair

Accept information

Judge maintenance mode

Registration, technical issues

Transferred to engineer

1、Simple product question consultation
2、Maintenance progress query

Online solution, end of service

Guiding services such as fault diagnosis

1、The phone can't solve it
2、Contract requirements

Site support

Neither the phone nor the scene can solve it

Return to factory

Return process

    Return process

  • ① Fill in the service form,The name, company name, telephone number, address and email address must be filled in, among which the name and company name must be filled in full, so as to facilitate future inquiry of equipment maintenance progress; the maintenance equipment model shall be indicated, and the equipment failure shall be described in detail, so that the maintenance personnel can effectively carry out targeted maintenance。
  • ② On the cost of express delivery for repair:During the warranty period, if the equipment is not damaged by human, we shall bear all the expenses for repair and express delivery, while outside the warranty period, the customer shall bear the expenses for back and forth express delivery. If the equipment needs to be returned, the customer shall be responsible for the expenses for returning Express delivery。
  • ③ Repair address:Principle of proximity, so as not to delay your use。
  • ④ Query repair progress:Call our service hotline。
  • Precautions for maintenance:

  • ① Warranty issues:The warranty period of the main engine is 1 year (except as stipulated in the contract)。
  • Quotation confirmation:Within three working days after receiving the quotation, you shall sign and seal the quotation (stamp with official seal, business seal, etc.) telephone, email, fax reply;
  • ② Remittance:In case of any maintenance cost, the equipment shall pay the maintenance deposit after the maintenance is confirmed, and the remaining payment shall be notified by phone after the completion。
  • ③ invoice:Check the invoicing type on the quotation, provide the invoicing data, and send back with the quotation。
  • Customer service will arrange the logistics delivery of the repaired machine according to the address you filled in the service sheet. If you have your own delivery channel, please communicate with us in advance. If not, please contact customer service。
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