Common sense of carton sealer
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If the carton sealing machine wants to achieve the ideal sealing effect, in addition to requiring customers to purchase high-demand packaging materials, it also needs operators to operate the sealing machine equipment correctly and have certain use skills, including some common working voltage, air pressure, the function of each key, the method of loading, etc., which all need certain operation specifications.
I. operators need to know whether the working voltage of the equipment is 380V or 220V.
The stable working air pressure of the two carton sealer should be known, generally 0.5-0.6mpa.
3. Operators need to understand each operation key on the equipment and their functional characteristics.
4. Understand the correct loading method.
Fifth, understand the correct adjustment method of the equipment.
6. Attention shall be paid during installation to make sure that the ground wire is connected to prevent the equipment from being damaged by electrification.
The above six points are the basic quality of the users who operate the carton sealing machine. At the same time, we need to know the scope of the equipment, its large load and the requirements for the carton material.
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