Production technology of PP packing belt
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Production process of PP packing belt:
Firstly, the extruder temperature is generally controlled at 250 ℃ ~ 280 ℃. The next step is cooling. The temperature is very high after discharging the machine head. It needs to be cooled in water immediately, because isotactic polypropylene is easy to form brewed crystal structure under the condition of rapid cooling, and the molecular structure of brewed crystal is relatively loose. It is easy to stretch orientation and obtain high quality products. Then there is stretching, the purpose of which is to improve the longitudinal strength of the packing belt and reduce the elongation. Stretching must be carried out in boiling water, and one-time stretching is generally used. The last is embossing. The stretched packing belt passes through two embossing rollers with patterns, and then it is embossed with patterns. Its function is to increase friction in use, not slip, and look beautiful and generous from the appearance.
Material of PP packing belt:
Polypropylene drawing grade resin has been widely used in various fields due to its advantages of good plasticity, strong breaking force, bending fatigue resistance, small density, good tensile impact performance and convenient use.
Color category of PP packing belt:
White, red, yellow, blue, black and other colors.
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