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Automatic sealing and shrinking packaging machine JH-5030
Classification: Automatic sealer
Product Introduction
Jh-5030 series is a full-automatic film covering and shrinking integrated packaging equipment, which is widely used in batch production and packaging assembly line operation, with high working efficiency. It uses light to automatically detect products and imported components to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the machine. The packaging length of the edge seal design products is unlimited and applicable: electronics, furniture, toys, food, beverage, daily chemical industry, books and periodicals, printing Brush products, stationery, medical treatment, medicine, sports equipment, textile and clothing, hardware, building materials, home furnishing, logistics and e-commerce, etc.

ModelShrink wrapping machine JH-5030
Packaging speed32 / min (high-speed non-standard can be customized)
Packing dimensionsSize of shrinking furnace:L1200*W450*H250MM
Power Supply380V./3PH
Power consumption2.2KW
Sealing knife sizeShrink film material:POF
Machine sizeL1640*W780*H1625mm

Label: Automatic JH-5030 and
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