Jiahong 2016 Houjie International Packaging Machinery Exhibition
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As the largest industrial base in South China, Dongguan has more than 180 industrial zones and economic zones, 32 towns, and more than 50000 enterprises, including more than 18000 foreign-funded enterprises, ranking the top six in terms of economic growth in the world, in order to promote the rapid development of plastic and packaging industry. Dongguan is located in the Pearl River Delta, a major manufacturing area in the world, and close to Hong Kong, an international trade port. It has a very strong demand for plastic and packaging equipment. In order to comply with the inevitable trend of the global manufacturing center transferring to Dongguan, meet the development needs of the international plastic and packaging market, promote the export of China's plastic and packaging, promote the technical progress of the industry, improve the level and grade of products, and build a large platform for domestic industry to communicate with the world. Dongguan Exhibition Industry ushers in a new era of exhibition.
In order to seize this opportunity, 2016 China Dongguan International Plastic and packaging exhibition has made a big attack. Collect all kinds of excellent products and gather in Dongguan. Jiahong packaging special brand packaging machine and packaging equipment exhibition area.

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