Jiahong packaging "51" model labor parent-child tourism activity
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Labor is the most glorious, the most noble, the greatest and the most beautiful The spirit of model worker is a powerful spiritual force for Jiahong to realize the second start-up, transformation and development. Yesterday afternoon, the company held a "May Day parent-child" tourism activity with the theme of "inheritance, promotion and progress", in which all levels of labor models were commended, awards were presented to the winning representatives, and everyone was called to learn from them. The advanced representatives of model workers from Jiahong's various fronts gathered together to celebrate the workers' own festivals with innovative activities.
Honor belongs to excellent workers. This year, six outstanding employees, including Zhou Hui, won the title of the new national labor model, 29 outstanding employees and 11 outstanding collective won the title of the new provincial and ministerial labor model and model collective.
The world of model workers is wonderful. The first ceremony was held at the scene of the activity for the collection of model worker's demeanor, which was created by Jiahong photographers and photographers. The collection of model worker's demeanor contains the advanced deeds of the new generation of model workers and model workers, shows the work and life of model workers, and contains the positive energy of the times.
Jiahong people should be the pioneers who keep pace with the times and forge ahead with determination, the model who bravely shoulder heavy burdens and strive hard, and the model of "knowledge-based, innovative and intelligent" employees in the new era. Wang Jun, the national model worker, on behalf of Jiahong model worker, made an initiative to all employees at the ceremony.
In the past 30 years of Jiahong's construction and development, a large number of passionate and selfless model workers will emerge in each stage. They are cutting through thorns in the development process of Jiahong and are the pioneer in the staff team. They are the mainstay of the enterprise and try their best to solve the problems for the enterprise when the production and operation are facing the severe test. Jiahong's model workers and advanced workers are the most valuable wealth of the enterprise. He said that Jiahong is in a critical period of secondary entrepreneurship and transformation and development. In front of severe challenges, we have a team of employees who have the belief of winning and are especially able to fight. There are a large number of model workers who are loyal to Jiahong's cause, play an exemplary role and play a leading role. Under the current situation, we need to vigorously carry forward the spirit of "love the post, work hard, strive for the first class, be brave in innovation, indifferent to fame and wealth, and willing to contribute". All employees should learn from the model workers, take the model workers as an example, based on ordinary posts, and pursue extraordinary achievements and contributions. The majority of model workers should cherish their honor, play a leading role in daily work as always, be a model of firm ideals and beliefs, a model of hard work, make new contributions in Jiahong's reform and development, and play the theme of the times with practical actions. He asked organizations at all levels to fully understand that the spirit of model workers is a strong spiritual force of Jiahong's "Second Entrepreneurship". Leading cadres should take the lead in carrying out the spirit of model workers. We should widely publicize the typical deeds of model workers, so that the spirit of model workers will continue to develop in the workforce. While setting up a career stage for the model workers and creating conditions to support them to play a leading role, all units should also care about and take care of the model workers so that they can devote themselves to their work more energetically.
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